May 9, 2017

Bits and Pieces : A short story

Once upon a time I forgot how to be creative and my soul was weary, then along came
Ivytree Studio and awoke my creative spirit and I was happily creative every after.

Recently Ivytree studio celebrated their first birthday and I made something pretty in pink {obviously} to celebrate this special event.  I used their first collection {of course}

The papers I used for this project

Hadeda Garden Collection



  • various adhesives
  • chalks
  • Diamond glaze
  • assorted paper roses
  • tulle
  • bling
  • embossing powder
Visit Ivytree Studio to see more of what they are up to:
Buy some of their pretty paper here
Connect with the team on their Facebook page here.
Share your Ivytree Studio layouts with us here

'til next time.....enjoy your story

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