March 19, 2017

Limited Edition

Limited Edition| Ivytree Studio  

Hi there, oh my hat where is the time going ....  I feel like the rabbit, I am always late for something .... early in February I posted a quick layout which I put together to celebrate my 33rd wedding anniversary.  I used the very aptly named #172 Love range from Ivytree Studio.
My idea today is to show you the stages of a page and how I add all the finer detail.

So, I got to thinking that it was a bit plain for my liking ...... and I made a few changes.  Added some stenciling and a few more layers of flowers and got to this...

Still not enough for my liking so I took it few steps further and added some glitter to the stenciled area by carefully re-positioning the stencil, scrapping on gel medium and then sprinkled glitter. Also added some rub-ons, chippies that I embossed and some journalling on a tag from my stash.

These are sort of the last of my wedding photos but I had a few black and white images so left so I created a second page.

Hope you have enjoyed the process, will leave you with a few close-ups. Note - I added lots  of fussy cut flowers and used liquid pearls to finish them off.

The papers I used for this project

173 Love

#172/1 - Love's Heart
#172/5 - Flower accents
#172/8 - Pretty pocket cards
#172/12 - Card squares
#172/12 - Cocoa ombre


  • various adhesives
  • chalks
  • acrylic paint 
  • gel medium
  • glitter
  • chippies
  • rub-ons
  • liquid pearls

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Hoping you have a lovely creative week.
'til next time

PS Don't forget to join the Ivytree Studio online birthday celebration on 22 April. More details HERE

March 7, 2017

Junk Journal | Ivytree Studio


A junk journal is a handmade book consisting of envelopes, magazine pages, packaging, paper bags, junk mail, cards, or doilies. Actually all of the junk we have lying around our studios or offices.  This takes re-cycling to a whole new level! A junk journal is a combination of mixed media art and journaling.
I have a very full plate at the moment, so have to be super organized.  I also have a menopause brain so I have to have notes and lists everywhere.
My junk journal is an old dictionary that I bought at the SPCA and I have had endless joy creating paper flowers from the pages and have also created the odd art journal page. But because I am not usually someone who holds onto junk, I had to look for another source of paper and of course the Ivytree Studio Seize the Day range is simply perfect for what I had in mind to create, this, my first signature. Because I only want to make practical items, I will be using this journal to save ideas & notes that  might make my life less complicated. 

Deadline dates

I cut a pocket pal insert to fit my journal and added a credit card wrapped with washi tape and a few journal cards.

I used a pocket with an envelope to file for index cards.  I cut out some recipes and stuck them to the index cards.  On the back of the card I wrote a shopping list of ingredients.

Notes and sketches for my DT deadlines and projects 

I created a small folder at the back to add extra bits of paper or bills that need to be paid

I love all the positive affirmations and the fact that I can faith journal as part of my everyday life

The paper I used for this project:
Sieze the Day
#173/3     Turquoise Flutter
#171/4     Seize the Day elements
#171/5     Wordy Delight
#171/7     Calendar Cards
#171/8     Mini Inspirations
#171/10   Pretty Pocket Cards
#171/11   Gallery Frames
#171/14   Shabby Gallery Frames
#172/19   Mapped Life

  • adhesives
  • chalk
  • A4 white cardstock
  • envelopes
  • paper clips
  • packaging
  • Pocket pal insert
  • washi tape
  • note paper

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Hoping you have a lovely creative week
'til next time

March 1, 2017

Pretty Boxes | Ivytree Studio  
‘all the flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of yesterday and today’

I am visiting my Dad and his wife this week-end and she is from a gracious age where notes are still written by hand. I decided to make her a few cute cards & tags and put them into a pretty box. I used Ivytree Studio sheet #163/8 to make the boxes and used a box template I had downloaded from the Silhouette Store.

The boxes are about 7,5cm x 7,5cm big and a bit smaller than I envisaged so the cards & tags turned into mini ones!
So the above box looks ok but not really pretty enough for my liking, so I took it one step further and added some quills and a guinea fowl feather.  I actually went a bit crazy with the feathers today!!

I am not a great fan of orange but really, really enjoyed working with this shade (#171/21) from the Seize the Day collection, and of course I couldn't resist making a flower.  I cut a few scalloped circles (ok …I cheated, my Silhouette cut them), cut into the circles, to create multiple petals, curled the petals and created a sort of ‘everlasting’ flower.

Then, just because I can, I created a totally over the top, box topper with pink feathers and the flower die-cuts from the Wild & Free collection (#163/10).  I used dimensional glaze on the edges of the petals and sprinkled with glitter to add some extra sparkle.

I created 3 little cards (7cm x 7cm) and decorated them with elements from the Cute Cuts sheet (#163/15).  

The tags are 7cm squares and again I decorated with the Cute Cuts. 

The absolutely great thing about Ivytree Studio paper is that the range is so versatile and user friendly and they 
mix and match so beautifully.

Here is a little tip:- I used my zigzag scissors to cut around these flowers to save some fussy cutting time, after chalking it looks great. See the result on the tag above.

The papers I used for this project:
additional supplies used:
  • dimensional glaze
  • Distress glitter
  • ribbon
  • white card stock
  • chalks
  • Tombow
  • feathers

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Hoping you have a lovely creative month.

'til next time

February 21, 2017

Friendship - Pocket letter style | Ivytree Studio

Hello there

“Art strives to express, craft strives for excellence.  
Good art has good craft, good craft is artistic.  
Within every craft there exist artists".

Craft is what I do all day; art is what I have at the end of it”

How do we relieve stress and decompress from everyday pressures? 
How do you ease your pain, distract your mind, and soothe the soul?

If you are anything like me, you craft.  Scrapbooking is not just about layouts. 
It is about having fun and taking some time out to spoil yourself and others.

In November last year, I stumbled across a group of South African ladies,
who love to receive snail mail and who like to share their stash.
The idea of receiving mail was so exciting that I joined straight away.   
The December challenge was a loaded pocket for Christmas but because 
I am so late -  life happened - I decided to create a  loaded summer pop-up card/box
filled with flowers, instead. 

Pocket letters are cards cut 6cm x 9cm and decorated, front and back and the pockets are 
filled with gifts.   I like to add non-scrapping goodies and in this case, 
added bath salts and a pen. I also added my famous microwave
brownie recipe!

The papers I used for this project:

  • A4 Pocket or A4 business card holder
  • adhesive - Tombow
  • assorted embellishments
  • ribbons
  • washi tape
  • chippies
  • stash
  • additional gifts - a pen, bath salts and Christmas ornament


Visit Ivytree Studio to see more of what they are up to:
Buy some of their pretty paper here
Connect with the team on their Facebook page here.
Share your Ivytree Studio layouts with us here

hoping you have a lovely time being creative
'til next time

January 1, 2017

Design Team - Ivytree Studio

Happy New Year
I am very happy to announce on this first day of 2017 that I am back on
on a design team.  It is going to be an interesting and busy year with lots of new beginnings for me.
A new job, a couple of side line jobs and now the design team.
Ivytree studio have some very wise words for 2017

1. Never ever give up! Just keep moving forward one step at a time as that is the Light God gives.
2. Don't follow anyone else's way of doing things. Follow Christ and the Holy Spirit. Father knows best.
3. Work hard.
4.  Rest when you are tired.
5. Make time for God and family first.
6. Always try to give the best service you can for any client. Their loyalty is your reward and you never know who will become your best client.
7. Don't disregard small beginnings. You don't know where you will end up.
8. Don't let stress take over your life. Manage it.
9. Remember God is King and clients and service providers are not. Keep your perspective.
10. Don't let other people's bad attitudes become your focus or influence you to the point of giving up. The best thing you can do is to live your life well and to know that you are loved, blessed and favored by a God who cannot wait to see what you do next with the gifts He gave you. Keep looking up and keep moving forward.
11. Dream big because your God is big. He brings solutions to the table you didn't even think about.
12. Change is part of life. Growth is a process. Comparison kills creativity. Be a trend setter.
13. The challenges and resistance you face are actually part of the learning curve you need to become the person God wants you to be, to grow your business the way God wants you to grow it and nothing, no lesson is in vain. You were meant to experience the things you did, so you would know how to proceed, what pitfalls to sidestep and which directions to take and which not to take. Take note of every experience. It is valuable.
and last but not least....
Always always always trust God for every step.  If you build your life on anything else, it is shaking sand. The accolades of men will not give you the life you dream of or the life you need to be happy. What will give you true happiness and contentment is to know that you lived the life God intended for you. Don't follow your heart, lead your heart. Guard it, for it is the wellspring of Life.

I am so looking forward to working with Ansu and Surita, they got me scrapping again, how is that for inspiration!! To learn more about these inspirational ladies please stop by here .  Congratulations to my fellow DT members as well, I think we are very blessed to be chosen as the first DT.

      Watch this space for some creative awesomeness.

My wish for you, my friends, is that you make the time to be creative.  It is very important for the    soul.  Let that be your new years resolution.

Don't forget we have the very first South African National Scrapbook Day happening on January 28. 
If you have not already done so, contact one of the area co-ordinators nearest to you.  There will be a great deal of fun.  Bring along a friend and scrap the day away.  There will be teachers that can assist you, some fun easy challenges and some retail therapy.
      Durban –Pietermaritzburg
Main Co-ordinator / Volunteer :  Kim Kok
Contact Details :  Kim : 0796946571 or 0333470059 /
VENUE CONFIRMED:  North Baptist Church , 14 Grosvenor Rd, Pietermaritzburg.

Durban – Pinetown / Durban South 
Main Co-ordinator / Volunteer : Merle Zulberg
Contact Details : Merle – 0825622541 /
VENUE CONFIRMED: Firwood Sports Club in Northdene....

Durban – Umhlanga / Durban North / Ballito
Main Co-ordinator / Volunteer : Wilna Cremer
Contact Details : Wilna - 0764596694 / 
Co-Ordinator / Volunteer:  Janine Esterhuysen
Contact Details:  Janine :  0832865656 /
VENUE CONFIRMED:   St Luke's Congregational Church in Glenashley
Roger Place, Glenashley

Until next time
keep being creative