May 1, 2018

Digistamps4Joy - Challenge #148

  1. inspiring delight, pleasure, or admiration; extremely good; marvellous.
    "they all think she's wonderful"

Hey there,  
my word for the year is wonderful and I am so, living up to my choice of word. 
Maybe it is a state of mind but usually round this time of the year I fall into one of my dark pits, caused by Mothers's Day and the passing of my wonderful mum a week later.
But this year there is something different in my spirit.  I don't have that deep sense of grief but a sort of peace.  I had been holding onto the grief and have finally let it go. 
This card is dedicated to my mum who has her wings. I know she watches over me and I hope I am the woman she would have wanted me to be..   

The Digi I used is called heart wings and the sentiment I used is called Mom wings. Quite pertinant, I think!

The image was cut on my Silhouette and I re-assembled it with some layers. I tucked yellow roses and arum lilies in as these were her favourite flowers.  This is how the page started .......

....... but then it sort of morphed into this and will be part of a larger canvas, which I will share on another occasion.

For those who still have mums, treasure them.
For those who are mums, nuture the memories

chat later

1 comment:

Linda Mc Enery said...

Oh Wilna, I'm so glad you have found a place of peace. Your creation is absolutely beautiful and I'm sure your Mom is smiling with pride!♥️