December 3, 2015

#christmaschallenge - Day 1

Ja ja, I have been gone for a while, had a strange topsy-turvy year....long story but the result is this Christmas is on an eXtreme budget and with only 22 days to go I need to start crafting gifts.
I very rarely take the time to make something special or pretty for myself and today while I was in my studio working on my day job stuff, I heard my sad and lonely crafts just calling out to me.  This is the result, a pretty notebook for me - made with just stuff that is in the studio. So, I will be making a few more of these and coming up with some others.
That is my challenge this Christmas.  Hand-crafting pressies using just my stash

A notebook, some wrapping paper and embellishments
 = a pretty notebook for a friend, or a stocking filler

I made a quick SnapGuide tutorial, so go check it out here

'til next time
keep being creative

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