November 8, 2011

where have the past 2 months gone

wow, I cannot believe I have not blogged in ages.  So much has happened. For starters I was asked to join a new craft store which a friend wanted to open in Ballito and needless to say I jumped at the chance,
Calico's is the result of this adventure
from conception to opening, took about 9 weeks and what a roller coaster ride we had, shopping trips and paper ordering, and the choices,ribbons, bags and beads, what can I say, you will just have to come see...
Friday get keys, Saturday paint, Sunday, painting stripes and polka dots, Monday & Tuesday unpack stock, Wednesday open, Friday champagne, cookies and coffee
we had so much fun and experienced so much warmth, three very special ladies helped us pack and unpack and hang
now we look forward to planning workshops and making jewellery

Calico's is the cutest, newest craft store on the block.
Our phone number is 032 586 3464 
our e-mail is

I have also been a very busy girl on Let's Scrap
for more inspiration go on over to  

until I chat again, pop in and have coffee with us at Calico's and keep scrapping those
precious moments

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